Beyond Sound

Beyond Sound

12 Episodes

Beyond Sound was a non-profit organization based in Hollywood, California that served as a training ground for deaf and hard of hearing people to learn television and film production. The organization had its peak during the 1980's and this series features digitally remastered content produced during that pioneering period. (Access Community)

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Beyond Sound
  • Beyond Sound 001

    Episode 1

    In this 1985 episode, host Ray Kennedy interviews Jackie Kinner (Roth) and Tari Susan Hartman from the Media Access Office in California about their efforts to help actors with disabilities get work in television and film.

  • Beyond Sound 002

    Episode 2

    In this 1984 episode, host Roxanne Baker interviews Gerald "Bummy" Burstein about his work at California School for the Deaf in Riverside.

  • Beyond Sound 003

    Episode 3

    In this 1984 holiday special hosted by Santa Claus, various performers are featured to provide entertainment during the holiday season.

  • Beyond Sound 004

    Episode 4

    In this 1985 episode, host Tom De La O interviews Sheryl Kaplan about rapes among deaf women.

  • Beyond Sound 005

    Episode 5

    In this 1984 episode, host Pearl Swan Youth interviews Los Angeles City Councilman Joel Wachs about discrimination at the major television networks.

  • Beyond Sound 006

    Episode 6

    In this 1985 episode, host Joseph Castronovo interviews Yerker Andersson about the international Deaf community and Deaf culture.

  • Beyond Sound 007

    Episode 7

    In this 1987 episode, host Don Bangs interviews Charles Katz about Los Angeles Sign Theatre (L.A.S.T.) and his production process.

  • Beyond Sound 008

    Episode 8

    In this 1985 episode, host Joseph Castronovo interviews actress Julianna Fjeld about her television, film, theatre, and poetry work.

  • Beyond Sound 009

    Episode 9

    In this 1987 episode, host James Casey interviews architects Patrick Seamans and Michael Lehrer about their work.

  • Beyond Sound 010

    Episode 10

    In this 1984 episode, host Barbara Bernstein and co-host Barbara Castaline-Mathis interview orthodontist and inventor Dr. James Marsters about his dental profession and his groundbreaking invention of the TTY for phone-callers who are deaf and hard of hearing.

  • Beyond Sound 011

    Episode 11

    In this 1984 episode, host Vicki Waltrip interviews leader Marcella Meyer about the first national Deaf Women United conference and related issues affecting women. (Closed Captioned)

  • Beyond Sound 012

    Episode 12

    In this 1987 episode, host Don Bangs presents a profile on pioneering Deaf filmmaker Ernest Marshall. (Closed Captioned)