Classic TV Gems

Classic TV Gems

12 Episodes

CLASSIC TV GEMS presents television shows from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. All episodes have English subtitles to help promote reading and literacy.

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Classic TV Gems
  • Classic TV Gems 001R

    Episode 1

    This episode features Charles Bronson in the 1950’s TV series “Man With A Camera” where he runs into a gang of hoodlums who are after one of the photos he took during a routine assignment.

  • Classic TV Gems 002R

    Episode 2

    This episode features Mickey Rooney in the 1950’s TV series “The Mickey Rooney Show” where he acts like a cowboy at a ranch to impress his girlfriend.

  • Classic TV Gems 003R

    Episode 3

    This episode features an episode from the 1950’s TV series “One Step Beyond” where a family moves into a house and learns about some strange dolls in one of the rooms.

  • Classic TV Gems 004

    Episode 4

    This episode features an episode from the 1950’s TV series “Art Linkletter And The Kids” where Art interviews young kids and gets interesting responses from them.

  • Classic TV Gems 005

    Episode 5

    This episode features a 1960 episode of the TV series “Bonanza” where Little Joe (Michael Landon) meets a woman (Stella Stevens) living up in the mountains. Little Joe learns sign language to communicate with her.

  • Classic TV Gems 006

    Episode 6

    This episode features a 1958 episode of the TV detective series “Decoy.” Casey (Beverly Garland) goes undercover as a model to solve a murder at a clothing design firm.

  • Classic TV Gems 007

    Episode 7

    This episode features a 1959 episode of the TV series “One Step Beyond.” A man visits an island for the first time in his life and is perplexed that island residents already know who he is.

  • Classic TV Gems 008

    Episode 8

    This show features a 1955 episode of the TV series “Annie Oakley.” A ranch owner, who is in a wheelchair, and his wife are threatened by outlaws.

  • Classic TV Gems 009

    Episode 9

    This show features a 1956 episode of the TV series “Sergeant Preston of the Yukon.” Sergeant Preston is in pursuit of thieves who caused the death of an innocent Indian.

  • Classic TV Gems 010

    Episode 10

    A 1964 episode of the TV series “Petticoat Junction” is presented. Dr. Harris (Adam West) is brought in to try to convince Billie Jo (Jeannine Riley) to go to medical school instead of Hollywood.

  • Classic TV Gems 011

    Episode 11

    A 1959 episode of the TV series “The Lawless Years” is presented. Police Officer Ruditsky (James Gregory) pressures a showgirl (Barbara Stuart) to reveal a gangster’s whereabouts before he gets whacked by a rival.

  • Classic TV Gems 012

    Episode 12

    This episode presents an enlightening 1968 interview with “Twilight Zone” creator Rod Serling about the state of the television industry in the 1960’s.