Deaf Mosaic

Deaf Mosaic

55 Episodes

This is an Emmy-winning television magazine series hosted by Gil Eastman and Mary Lou Novitsky. This series provides interesting and important insights into history and culture and features stories around the country and the world.

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Deaf Mosaic
  • Deaf Mosaic 209

    Episode 1

    Stories include producer Julianna Fjeld, Georgia School for the Deaf, attorney Sheila Conlon, Gallaudet's change to university status, Gallaudet president Dr. Jerry Lee, and first Gallaudet graduate Melville Ballard.

  • Deaf Mosaic 210

    Episode 2

    Stories include activist/author Dr. Frank Bowe, educator/coach Dr. Wesley Lauritsen, farmer Steven Miller, feminist/poet Angeline Fuller Fischer, and peace marches across the country.

  • Deaf Mosaic 211

    Episode 3

    Stories include animator Mark Fisher, dancer Amnon Damti, travel agent Robert Lewis, shoemaker Cecil White, and inventor Anton Schroeder.

  • Deaf Mosaic 212

    Episode 4

    Stories include gang counselor Pedro Acevedo, author Lou Anne Walker, librarian Alice Hagemeyer, woodcarver John Lewis Clarke, Commission on Education of the Deaf, and an annual sports report.

  • Deaf Mosaic 301

    Episode 5

    This episode presents highlights of the first two years of "Deaf Mosaic."

  • Deaf Mosaic 302

    Episode 6

    Stories include stained glass artist Sander Blondel, teenage suicide prevention, subway safety advocate Marla Hatrak, space program educator Joan Turner, and labor economic specialist Benjamin Schowe.

  • Deaf Mosaic 303

    Episode 7

    Stories include actor Bernard Bragg, Gary Olsen of National Association of the Deaf, American Athletic Association of the Deaf basketball championship in Las Vegas, religious activities of Jewish people, and inventor Anson Spear.

  • Deaf Mosaic 304

    Episode 8

    Stories include photographer Maggie Lee Sayre, actor Bernard Bragg, actress Marlee Matlin, blackjack dealer Gerri Ehrlich, lifeguard LeRoy Colombo, and Muriel Strassler of National Association of the Deaf.

  • Deaf Mosaic 305

    Episode 9

    Stories feature physician Cesar Servellon, attorney Michael Schwartz, National Barrier Awareness Foundation, Commission on Education of the Deaf, Larry Newman of National Association of the Deaf, and Dr. Peter Fine.

  • Deaf Mosaic 306

    Episode 10

    Stories include rodeo competitors Ronnie Milliorn and Shelly Lilly, telecommunications for deaf people, Dwight Benedict on the World Winter Games for the Deaf, inventor Robert Weitbrecht, and Gary Olsen of National Association of the Deaf.

  • Deaf Mosaic 307

    Episode 11

    Stories include the World Congress of the Deaf in Finland, a tour of Helsinki, Larry Newman of the National Association of the Deaf, and world leader Dzago Vukotic.

  • Deaf Mosaic 308

    Episode 12

    Stories include collectible car restorer Dick Pearson, leader Francis P. Gibson, National Fraternal Society of the Deaf convention, American Deaf Volleyball Association, Deaf Women United, and Wall Street investment executive Rafael Pinchas.

  • Deaf Mosaic 309

    Episode 13

    Stories include pilot Skip Sprague, scuba diver Jack Wales, Jr., 18th century author Pierre Desloges, businessman David Birnbaum, and World War II survivor Stanley Teger.

  • Deaf Mosaic 310

    Episode 14

    Stories include "The Dybbuk" by National Theatre of the Deaf, painter Louis Frisino, Capital Children's Museum, marathon runner Flo Vold, and early American deaf student Alice Cogswell.

  • Deaf Mosaic 311

    Episode 15

    Stories include U.S. presidential campaign staff viewpoints, hearing service dogs of Massachusetts, Boston Theatre of the Deaf, wrestler William Suttka, and fencer Anna Barenblatt.

  • Deaf Mosaic 312

    Episode 16

    This special report on AIDS features interviews with U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, Dr. Anthony Fauci of National Institutes of Health, and actor/dancer Sam Edwards.

  • Deaf Mosaic 401

    Episode 17

    Stories include a university production of “Children of a Lesser God”, book publisher DawnSignPress, leader George Veditz, hockey player Jim Kyte, and artist Arthur D. Bryant.

  • Deaf Mosaic 402

    Episode 18

    A look at the 1988 “Deaf President Now” protest at Gallaudet University which includes interviews with Greg Hlibok, Tim Rarus, Bridgetta Bourne, Jerry Covell, and Dr. I. King Jordan.

  • Deaf Mosaic 403

    Episode 19

    Stories include memories of the Holocaust, a play about baseball legend Dummy Hoy, writer Yvonne Pitrois, painter Arthur Bryant, and a deafness encyclopedia.

  • Deaf Mosaic 404

    Episode 20

    Stories include educational leader Andrew Foster, Commission on Education of the Deaf, accessibility services at national tourist attractions, “World Around You” magazine, “Sign ’n Sweat” aerobics video, and photographer Theophilus D’Estrella.

  • Deaf Mosaic 405

    Episode 21

    Stories include Black Horse Troop, pilot Doug Tong, European handball, former police sergeant Robert Eldridge, World Games for the Deaf preview, and scholar John Kitto.

  • Deaf Mosaic 406

    Episode 22

    Stories include the National Association of the Deaf convention and Miss Deaf America pageant in Charleston, South Carolina, Gallaudet University Center on Deafness in Hawaii, Sign Wave performing group, author/humorist Ken Glickman, and actor/writer Albert Ballin.

  • Deaf Mosaic 407

    Episode 23

    Stories include the Mini Deaf Olympics in Kentucky, author Frances Parsons, boxer David Davis, dancing children and senior citizens, Summer Dance and Theatre Institute, and businessman David Watson of Mexico.

  • Deaf Mosaic 408

    Episode 24

    Stories include the World Deaf Timberfest in Oregon, Japanese Deaf Theatre, Busch Gardens in Virginia, author/film historian John Schuchman, and Alaskan pioneer/pharmacist Francis Dudley Sheldon.