Deaf Mosaic

Deaf Mosaic

43 Episodes

This is an Emmy-winning television magazine series hosted by Gil Eastman and Mary Lou Novitsky. This series provides interesting and important insights into history and culture and features stories around the country and the world.

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Deaf Mosaic
  • Deaf Mosaic 511

    Episode 1

    The 5th Anniversary of "Deaf Mosaic" brings viewers to behind the scenes of this popular magazine program. It features Gil Eastman, Mary Lou Novitsky and the production staff from Gallaudet University.

  • Deaf Mosaic 512

    Episode 2

    "Dateline: Beirut" is an award-winning report on the tragedy of Beirut as seen by Alec Naiman, a New Yorker who traveled to Lebanon with a video camera. Naiman met with members of the Lebanese community who shared their stories about living in a war zone.

  • Deaf Mosaic 601

    Episode 3

    Featured are the World Games for the Deaf in Banff, a bicycle club, Merrill Lynch's services, an architect, and an airport paging system for deaf travelers.

  • Deaf Mosaic 602

    Episode 4

    Stories include 911 accessibility, mapmakers, a model railroad train builder, WW II military schools, and rodeo stars.

  • Deaf Mosaic 603

    Episode 5

    Stories include the National Association of the Deaf financial crisis, drug and alcohol abuse, actor Richard Dysart, astronomer Richard Goodricke, and animator Mark Fisher.

  • Deaf Mosaic 605

    Episode 6

    Stories include the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Festival of American Folklife, summer basketball camp, the history of the football huddle, and a tribute to Gallaudet University’s third president, Dr. Leonard Elstad.

  • Deaf Mosaic 606

    Episode 7

    A spotlight on international TV programs is presented with shows from Sweden, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, England, Wales, and Ireland.

  • Deaf Mosaic 607

    Episode 8

    This episode features the Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf 100th celebration, jobs during the Great Depression, the Telecaption Decoder Act of 1990, the Friendship Games between 3 countries, a talk with TV producer Julianna Fjeld, and the International Congress on Education of the De...

  • Deaf Mosaic 608

    Episode 9

    This episode features Miss Deaf America winner Nancylynn Ward, a story about Big Brother of the Year, a TDD training system for schools, a successful cookie business, and a look at silent films.

  • Deaf Mosaic 609

    Episode 10

    This episode features a look at St. Ann's Church for the Deaf in New York, a real estate agent, the Cridders performing group, and an interview about gang members.

  • Deaf Mosaic 610

    Episode 11

    Viewers are taken to Costa Rica and see the 50th anniversary of education at the University of Costa Rica and Taras, a town with a large hereditary deaf population.

  • Deaf Mosaic 611

    Episode 12

    This episode features stories about a consumer help service, Bob Daniels' play about black culture, young inventor Brian Berlinski, and deaf contributions during World War II.

  • Deaf Mosaic 701

    Episode 13

    Coverage is presented of the 12th Winter World Games for the Deaf in Banff, Canada, where over 300 athletes from 16 countries compete for medals.

  • Deaf Mosaic 702

    Episode 14

    Stories include journalist/author Henry Kisor, telephone relay services in Virginia and Maryland, American Sign Language as a high school foreign language elective course, and hearing ear dogs.

  • Deaf Mosaic 704

    Episode 15

    Stories include the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf in Maine, a bass tournament, a national oratorical contest for students, and the photography of Maggie Sayre.

  • Deaf Mosaic705

    Episode 16

    Stories include lawyers, Maine lobsterman Eugene Seiders, cross-country bicycle riders, the First International Conference on Deaf History, and antique car restorers.

  • Deaf Mosiac 706

    Episode 17

    Stories include archaeological digs on George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate, a national interpreting organization, tax hints, the 1991 World Congress of the Deaf in Tokyo, and the National Theatre of the Deaf’s 20th anniversary production of “The Dybbuk.”

  • Deaf Mosaic 707

    Episode 18

    Experts on health issues and people with AIDS discuss community services and prevention.

  • Deaf Mosaic 710

    Episode 19

    Stories include Boston Field Day for students, Great Pumpkin Machine, stained glass artist Tina Hockman, Deaf Studies Conference, the Gallaudet/Kellogg conference center, and a tribute to activist/publisher T.J. O’Rourke.