Deaf Perspective

Deaf Perspective

28 Episodes

This showcase series presents various short films and special television programs.

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Deaf Perspective
  • Deaf Perspective 28

    Episode 1

    An entertaining special spotlighting four magicians is presented in a "Handful Of Magic".

  • Deaf Perspective 029r

    Episode 2

    An informative visit to a large trade show is featured in “Deaf Community At A Crossroad.”

  • Deaf Perspective 38

    Episode 3

    A special presentation of the documentary film "Journey Through Deaf Texas" is featured. The film chronicles the history of Texas Association of the Deaf (TAD) since its inception in 1886 and highlights some of its historic accomplishments that have had an impact on Texans.

  • Deaf Perspective 039

    Episode 4

    A special presentation of the short film "A Shadow's Resolve" is featured. Middle school age students deal with a bully that is out of control.

  • Deaf Perspective 040

    Episode 5

    A special presentation of the early Silent Network special “A World of Quiet” is featured. This program is a fascinating and informative exploration into the lifestyle of James and Fran Ripplinger and their daughter, Laura. Host Robert Walden and sign language interpreter Gary Sanderson provide a...

  • Deaf Perspective 041

    Episode 6

    Jerry Strom talks about filmmaker Charles Krauel who shot 16mm film footage of the Deaf Community during the 1920’s to the 1940’s.

  • Deaf Perspective 042

    Episode 7

    A short documentary film by filmmaker David H. Pierce is presented about the 21st Century’s first Deaf Film Festival in 2002, which was hosted by the Chicago Institute for the Moving Image.

  • Deaf Perspective 043

    Episode 8

    Veteran Hollywood actor Norm Crosby introduces viewers to actress Julianne Gold and Bob Baker’s Marionettes as they present a variation of the classic story about the Three Bears. This is an excerpt from Silent Network’s very first TV show in 1979 entitled “Sign Of Our Times.”

  • Deaf Perspective 044

    Episode 9

    Veteran Hollywood actor Norm Crosby leads a discussion about sign language with participants Ursula Bellugi, researcher from the Salk Institute, and sign language experts Carol Padden and Lou Fant. This is an excerpt from Silent Network’s very first TV show in 1979 entitled “Sign Of Our Times.”

  • Deaf Perspective 045

    Episode 10

    Veteran Hollywood actor Norm Crosby leads a group discussion about sign language in theatre productions. Play excerpts are also presented. This is an excerpt from Silent Network’s very first TV show in 1979 entitled “Sign Of Our Times.”

  • Deaf Perspective 046

    Episode 11

    This episode presents a 1913 film with teacher George W. Veditz about the importance of preserving sign language on film for the benefit of future generations. The film became part of the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry in 2011.

  • Deaf Perspective 047

    Episode 12

    A special 25th anniversary presentation of the award-winning documentary short, “Portrait of a Deaf Irish-American: Terrence James O’Rourke” is presented.

  • Deaf Perspective 048

    Episode 13

    A short film is presented which features a visual journey into the life and art of famous artist Chuck Baird. This film, which was produced by Chuck Baird and David H. Pierce, was Baird's last project.

  • Deaf Perspective 049

    Episode 14

    A documentary produced by Gallaudet University is presented which covers 40 years of dance history.

  • Deaf Perspective 050

    Episode 15

    A documentary is presented about the history of Deaf West Theatre in Hollywood, California which is entitled "Our Hands Are Louder." Insightful commentaries by Ed Waterstreet, Linda Bove, and Phyllis Frelich are the highlight of this program.

  • Deaf Perspective 051

    Episode 16

    A history is presented of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. Highlights of its 50th anniversary reunion are included which drew over 3,500 alumni.

  • Deaf Perspective 053

    Episode 17

    This episode presents an in-depth look at DawnSignPress. For over 40 years, the company has created, developed, and published quality American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture-related videos and books.

  • Deaf Perspective 054

    Episode 18

    This episode is a continuation of the in-depth look at DawnSignPress, which has been in operation for over 40 years. Viewers are introduced to the talented team that operates this successful publishing company in San Diego, California.

  • Deaf Perspective 060

    Episode 19

    This episode features the short film entitled "Sign At All Times: A Film about Brian Estrada." It tells the story of how an 18-year-old skateboarder overcame his personal adversity and found pride in his identity. Although Estrada is well known in the local Minnesota skateboarding scene, few indi...

  • Deaf Perspective 061

    Episode 20

    This episode features a look at National Center On Deafness (NCOD) at California State University, Northridge. NCOD provides communication access, leadership opportunities, scholarships, and direct communication classes for students who are deaf and hard of hearing.

  • Deaf Perspective 062

    Episode 21

    This episode features excerpts from a classic 1984 Silent Network variety entertainment show hosted by Hollywood actresses Audrey and Judy Landers and their interpreter Gary Sanderson. Skits with Charles "CJ" Jones and Douglas Ray Kennedy are presented.

  • Deaf Perspective 063

    Episode 22

    Herb Larson interviews community leaders in the Washington, D.C. area about various topics such as education, communication, technology, and accessibility.

  • Deaf Perspective 064

    Episode 23

    Alfred Sonnenstrahl, former executive director of Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc., guides viewers through an enlightening history of telephone accessibility for people who are deaf and hard of hearing.

  • Deaf Perspective 065

    Episode 24

    Writer and researcher Dr. Steve Baldwin spotlights six pioneers who helped pave the way to the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.