Travel Flashbacks

Travel Flashbacks

7 Episodes

This series takes viewers to various locations around the world and explores the history about each through archival photographs, artwork, and motion picture films. (Silent Network/Access Network)

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Travel Flashbacks
  • Travel Flashbacks 001

    Episode 1

    Viewers are taken on a visual and historical journey to Niagara Falls, New York and Canada

  • Travel Classics 001

    Episode 2

    Signs Along The Way #1
    "The Glory of Israel" features a tour group visiting the Holy Land with cinematography by filmmaker David Butterfield.

  • Travel Classics 002R

    Episode 3

    “A Grand Place” is a cinema-verite style short about a sign language interpreter’s visit to the Grand Canyon. This visual journey was produced and shot by filmmaker David H. Pierce.

  • Travel Classics 003

    Episode 4

    In "Destination Vegas", hosts Donna Cline and Rick Crowder explore accessibility for people with disabilities in Las Vegas, Nevada. Actress Kim Powers also guest-stars in the program.

  • Travel Classics 004

    Episode 5

    In "Destination Orlando", host Donna Cline explores accessibility for people with disabilities in Orlando, Florida. Former Presidential Press Secretary James Brady co-stars in this award-winning program.

  • Travel Classics 005

    Episode 6

    In the cinema-verite style documentary entitled “Marine Escape To Port Aransas, Texas”, two guys relax during a quiet fishing trip with the dogs.

  • Travel Classics 006

    Episode 7

    A visual documentary about Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is presented. One highlight is a tour of the former home of Hollywood celebrities Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.