Visual Music

Visual Music

17 Episodes

This television series presents highly visual images to help viewers relax and meditate.

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Visual Music
  • Visual Music 001R

    Episode 1

    This episode presents kaleidoscopic imagery that represents the seven chakras to help viewers with their meditation sessions.

  • Visual Music 002R

    Episode 2

    This episode presents beautiful imagery of the undersea kingdom to help viewers relax and appreciate the marine life.

  • Visual Music 003R

    Episode 3

    This episode presents scenic images of Norway to help viewers relax and unwind.

  • Visual Music 004R

    Episode 4

    This episode presents kaleidoscopic imagery to help viewers relax after a long day.

  • Visual Music 005

    Episode 5

    This episode presents relaxing imagery of water in an exotic garden environment.

  • Visual Music 006

    Episode 6

    This episode presents a montage of water imagery in various environments.

  • Visual Music 007

    Episode 7

    In this episode, flowers of the planet Earth thrive under the life-giving powers of the sun.

  • Visual Music 008

    Episode 8

    This short film presents an avant-garde representation of the building blocks of nature as observed by various types of living organisms.

  • Visual Music 009

    Episode 9

    This episode features a cat couple and their baby kittens as they go about their lives in a house.

  • Visual Music 010

    Episode 10

    This episode features a journey through outer space to visit unexplored worlds.

  • Visual Music 011

    Episode 11

    This episode presents eerie horror silhouettes complete with bone-chilling wolf howls. It’s designed to be projected onto a white sheet hanging behind a window to scare people outside into thinking there are monsters lurking around inside.

  • Visual Music 012

    Episode 12

    Mystical creatures explore the mysteries of a liquid stone world.

  • Visual Music 013

    Episode 13

    This episode features a visual journey of artists at work on drawings and paintings.

  • Visual Music 014

    Episode 14

    This episode presents a symphony of iron filings in rhythmic action.

  • Visual Music 015

    Episode 15

    The beautiful lights of Aurora Borealis make their way around various locations on Earth.

  • Visual Music 016

    Episode 16

    Meditative scenes of people engaged in acrobatic yoga and dance on the beach are presented.

  • Visual Music 017

    Episode 17

    Astronauts visit a strange planet that has a surreal environment with overlapping time dimensions.