Circus Fun

Circus Fun

41 Episodes

CIRCUS FUN presents classic and modern circus performances for enjoyment by the whole family.

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Circus Fun
  • Circus Fun 001R

    Episode 1

    This episode features a clown and trapeze artist performing amazing balancing acts.

  • Circus Fun 002R

    Episode 2

    This episode shows trained baboons riding bicycles and playing musical instruments.

  • Circus Fun 003R

    Episode 3

    This episode shows young girls walking on tightropes.

  • Circus Fun 004R

    Episode 4

    This episode features a daredevil doing stunts that demonstrate the strength of his teeth.

  • Circus Fun 005R

    Episode 5

    This episode presents performers who are proficient in spinning barrels and drums with their feet.

  • Circus Fun 006R

    Episode 6

    This episode highlights a talented elephant performing various acts.

  • Circus Fun 007R

    Episode 7

    This episode presents performers doing spinning cloth routines, a woman who is able to bend over backwards without falling, and a young girl walking a tightrope.

  • Circus Fun 008R

    Episode 8

    This episode presents bicycle and unicycle acts.

  • Circus Fun 009R

    Episode 9

    This episode presents a Russian performer doing an act with a large square frame while on ice skates.

  • Circus Fun 010R

    Episode 10

    This episode presents trapeze artist Betty Rich and her friends doing various trapeze acts.

  • Circus Fun 011R

    Episode 11

    This episode presents a group of acrobats performing amazing feats.

  • Circus Fun 012R

    Episode 12

    This episode presents famous clown Emmett Kelly and his clown buddies doing funny skits.

  • Circus Fun 013R

    Episode 13

    This episode presents several acts with horses including Dorothy Herbert, the blindfolded horse jumper.

  • Circus Fun 014R

    Episode 14

    This episode presents acts with famous lion tamer Clyde Beatty and his lions and tigers. Also featured is elephant rider Jean Allen with elephant performers.

  • Circus Fun 015R

    Episode 15

    This episode presents a general view of the circus and its various performers.

  • Circus Fun 016R

    Episode 16

    This episode features talented chimpanzees doing well-choreographed performances with horses.

  • Circus Fun 017R

    Episode 17

    This episode features talented chimpanzees riding custom-made bicycles and unicycles and walking on stilts.

  • Circus Fun 018R

    Episode 18

    This episode features a talented chimpanzee doing trapeze and tightrope acts.

  • Circus Fun 019R

    Episode 19

    This episode features talented chimpanzees performing in a music band.

  • Circus Fun 020R

    Episode 20

    This episode features seasoned acrobats performing daring feats and stunts.

  • Circus Fun 021R

    Episode 21

    This episode features trick ponies doing tricks on a seesaw and a wooden cylinder.

  • Circus Fun 022R

    Episode 22

    This episode features a gymnast and a contortionist doing amazing moves on the still rings and a trapeze bar.

  • Circus Fun 023R

    Episode 23

    This episode features a strongman and a clown doing balancing acts with chairs and a table.

  • Circus Fun 024R

    Episode 24

    This episode features a 1905 film of a female contortionist doing stunts with a steel ring.