Handle With Care

Handle With Care

12 Episodes

This is an open and articulate series that captures the interest of today’s adolescents and teenagers as it explores their universal problems such as puberty, venereal disease, drugs, lifestyles and relationships. The discussions are vital to helping adolescents and teenagers make it through this frequently puzzling, and always difficult, time of their lives. Adults and young people alike learn from actors Julianne Gold and Kevin Mills who are joined by health instructor Amy Reichbach in dealing with these matters in an honest and forthright manner. The language is frank. Viewer discretion is advised.

Handle With Care
  • Handle With Care 001

    Episode 1

    This discussion provides an examination of the emotional and physical effects of puberty in young men.

  • Handle With Care 002

    Episode 2

    This discussion provides an examination of the emotional and physical effects of puberty in young women.

  • Handle With Care 003

    Episode 3

    This program highlights the importance of building sound relationships and coping with the opposite sex. Tips are given on making lasting relationships.

  • Handle With Care 004

    Episode 4

    This program provides a highly informative and educational examination of how a woman becomes pregnant and a look at the developmental stages of the human fetus.

  • Handle With Care 005

    Episode 5

    This program provides an insightful discussion about family planning.

  • Handle With Care 007

    Episode 6

    This episode provides tips on how to use health clinics.

  • Handle With Care 008

    Episode 7

    This program provides information on the cause, effects, and problems associated with sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Handle With Care 009

    Episode 8

    The program discusses some of the basics on how to be a good parent and how to understand your own parents in the process.

  • Handle With Care 010

    Episode 9

    The program provides a frank and honest look at the homosexual lifestyle and its role in modern society.

  • Handle With Care 011

    Episode 10

    The program focuses on sex roles and stereotyping by discussing the mental and emotional problems that can arise when misunderstood.

  • Handle With Care 012

    Episode 11

    The serious social, emotional, and physical effects of rape and assault are presented in a serious and forthright discussion.

  • Handle With Care 013

    Episode 12

    The program discusses the alarming increase in substance abuse and its causes.