Flicker Classics

Flicker Classics

28 Episodes

FLICKER CLASSICS presents popular classic film shorts and feature films dating back to the silent film era to the talkies generation. Trivia and classic TV commercials are also presented in each episode. All episodes have title cards and/or English subtitles to help promote reading and literacy.

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Flicker Classics
  • Flicker Classics 001R

    Episode 1

    This episode presents a 1920 film with Buster Keaton entitled “One Week” where he and his wife build a house from a kit.

  • Flicker Classics 002R

    Episode 2

    This episode presents a 1917 film with Charlie Chaplin entitled “Easy Street” where Charlie becomes a police officer in a dangerous neighborhood.

  • Flicker Classics 003R

    Episode 3

    This episode presents a 1919 film with Harold Lloyd entitled “Captain Kidd’s Kids” where Harold finds himself on a ship full of pirates.

  • Flicker Classics 004R

    Episode 4

    This episode presents a 1932 film with W.C. Fields entitled “The Dentist” where Fields works as a dentist much to the detriment of his patients.

  • Flicker Classics 005R

    Episode 5

    This episode presents a 1924 film with Our Gang entitled “Sundown Limited” where the gang plays around in a railroad yard and decide to build a locomotive.

  • Flicker Classics 006R

    Episode 6

    This episode presents a 1936 film with the Three Stooges entitled “Disorder In The Court” where Moe, Larry, and Curly are in a courtroom helping with the defense of a woman accused of murder.

  • Flicker Classics 007R

    Episode 7

    This episode presents a 1931 film entitled “The Stolen Jools” where a detective investigates a case involving stolen jewelry. It is a rare example of a film involving a large cast of famous movie stars from competing Hollywood studios.

  • Flicker Classics 008R

    Episode 8

    This episode presents a 1918 film with Charlie Chaplin entitled “A Dog’s Life” where Charlie makes friends with a stray dog and meets a dance hall singer. Charlie’s brother Sydney Chaplin had a small role in this film, which was the first time they appeared together. Famous Deaf painter and actor...

  • Flicker Classics 009

    Episode 9

    This episode presents a 1912 film with Mary Pickford entitled “The New York Hat” where Mary receives a hat as a gift, which causes a scandal. D.W. Griffith directed the film.

  • Flicker Classics 010

    Episode 10

    This episode presents a 1915 film with Mack Swain entitled “Love, Speed and Thrills” where Mack and his wife bring a stranger to their house, which leads to disastrous results.

  • Flicker Classics 011

    Episode 11

    This episode presents a 1921 film with Buster Keaton entitled “The Haunted House” where Buster works in a bank and encounters a robbery, which leads him to enter a scary haunted house.

  • Flicker Classics 012

    Episode 12

    This episode presents a 1925 film directed by Russian filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein entitled “Battleship Potemkin.” The crew of a battleship rebel against their officers for their poor treatment in 1905. This film was named the greatest film of all time at the Brussels World's Fair in 1958. Its pio...

  • Flicker Classics 013

    Episode 13

    This episode presents a 1963 horror film directed by Roger Corman entitled “The Terror.” A French soldier (Jack Nicholson) follows a beautiful but strange woman into a castle owned by Baron Von Leppe (Boris Karloff) where the shocking truth about the woman is revealed.

  • Flicker Classics 014

    Episode 14

    This episode presents a 1958 horror film directed by William Castle entitled “House On Haunted Hill.” Vincent Price plays a haunted house owner who pays a lot of money to a brave group of people to spend the night at his scary home.

  • Flicker Classics 015

    Episode 15

    This episode presents a 1921 silent comedy produced by Hal Roach entitled "Prince Pistachio" which stars Eddie Boland. Eddie plays a bumbling plumber who ends up in a strange fantasy land where he is mistaken for a prince.

  • Flicker Classics 016

    Episode 16

    This episode presents a 1929 silent comedy with Jack Duffy entitled "Tax Evaders." Two neighbors try their best to keep their tax burden to a minimum in preparation for a visit by the tax assessor.

  • Flicker Classics 017

    Episode 17

    This episode presents two 1914 Charlie Chaplin shorts entitled "A Busy Day" and "Kid Auto Races at Venice." Also presented is a 1907 French absurdist comedy entitled "The Pumpkin Race."

  • Flicker Classics 018

    Episode 18

    This episode presents a 1915 silent comedy entitled "Mabel and Fatty's Wash Day" which stars Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle and Mabel Normand. After doing grueling housework while their spouses loaf, Mabel and Fatty go for a stroll in the park which results in amusing situations.

  • Flicker Classics 019

    Episode 19

    This episode presents a 1915 Mack Sennett silent comedy entitled "Ambrose's Nasty Temper" which stars Mack Swain. Ambrose, played by Swain, runs into problems with his boss and her beautiful daughter which lead to comedic chaos.

  • Flicker Classics 020

    Episode 20

    This episode presents a 1929 musical drama produced by W.C. Handy entitled "St. Louis Blues" which stars famous singer Bessie Smith and an all-Black cast.

  • Flicker Classics 021

    Episode 21

    This episode presents a 1932 comedy entitled "Always Kickin' " which stars Eugene Pallette. A college football team coached by famous athlete Jim Thorpe (as himself) is in need of a good kicker before a big game and they scramble to find one.

  • Flicker Classics 022

    Episode 22

    Two Mary Pickford comedies are presented. "Won By A Fish" (1912) is about a fisherman's luck in catching a huge fish. "Muggsy Becomes A Hero" (1910) is about a man who makes plans to take a walk with the woman of his dreams but gets sidetracked.

  • Flicker Classics 023

    Episode 23

    The 1910 Mary Pickford comedy, ”May and December,” has a young man who is mismatched with an older woman while a young woman is stuck with an older man. A 1909 D.W. Griffith comedy, “The Gibson Goddess,” features a beautiful Gibson Girl who tries to avoid a group of lovestruck men.

  • Flicker Classics 024

    Episode 24

    A 1920 Harold Lloyd comedy entitled ”Number, Please?” is presented. Harold and a rival fight over a girl at an amusement park.