13 Episodes

Pam Larson puts you through the paces in this comprehensive exercise and aerobics program. Viewers can become fit, energized, invigorated, and entertained as Pam helps you become healthier.

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  • Aerobisign 001

    Episode 1

    An introduction is presented for techniques of breathing and exercises of the arms, biceps, triceps and hands.

  • Aerobisign 002

    Episode 2

    Exercises are taught for the buttocks, thighs, and calf muscles of the legs.

  • Aerobisign 003

    Episode 3

    Exercises are presented for proper breathing, waist, and arms.

  • Aerobisign 004

    Episode 4

    This episode focuses on the stomach with breathing techniques, proper execution of the sit-up and running as a part of aerobics.

  • Aerobisign 005

    Episode 5

    Pam Larson covers exercises for toning of the arms, waist, and legs.

  • Aerobisign 006

    Episode 6

    Instruction is provided on stretching of the neck muscles, arm muscles and the spine. Diet tips are also provided

  • Aerobisign 007

    Episode 7

    Tips are provided on proper aerobic attire, eating habits, and exercises for the legs.

  • Aerobisign 008

    Episode 8

    Exercising and proper use of leg weights in an aerobics program are presented.

  • Aerobisign 009

    Episode 9

    Exercises for the stomach, abdomen, and back muscles plus health tips are covered.

  • Aerobisign 010

    Episode 10

    Tips are used for the proper use of the treadmill, bicycle, and trampoline.

  • Aerobisign 011

    Episode 11

    Pam Larson covers exercises for pregnant women and presents simple back exercises.

  • Aerobisign 012

    Episode 12

    Waist exercises and instructions are provided regarding heart rates and blood circulation.

  • Aerobisign 013

    Episode 13

    Pam Larson covers fatigue, aerobic benefits and cholesterol control.